How To Draw The Best Layout For PCB Fabrication

Over the years, our clients have relied on our ability to produce high standard printed circuit boards (PCBs). In our website, customers can receive their PCB fabrication quotes a few minutes after uploading their bill of materials. We can find whatever you need at a low cost as long as you can provide specific details of your PCB.

Bill Of Materials

The parts attached on the board should be detailed on a list called a bill of materials (BOM). In this list, every part or material to be used must be provided with its unique reference and description. For example, the reference designator of resistor is “R1”. All necessary information must be included on the list to help us easily find the tools you need.

Data Sheets

PCB AssemblyAs a circuit designer, you must use a data sheet provided by manufacturers to select specific parts for the board. Usually, you can search for data sheets online. If the information in the data sheet is incomplete, you should be able to provide a sample part to measure and define the details yourself. This information would not be as accurate as the manufacturer’s information, but it is better than just guessing.

One-Side Laminated

One layer of copper is used in a one-side laminated board. Usually, the wired components are mounted to one side of the board by inserting, soldering, and clipping the leads through the holes.

Both Sides Laminated

Two layers of copper are used for boards with double lamination. In this board, the components are attached from both sides of the board. This board uses conventional circuitry and is generally much easier to detach and repair.

Multiple Layer

A board with more than a couple of copper layers uses a sandwich PCB fabrication. This type of board is more costly than the one-sided and double-sided lamination because each layer would add up to the price. The extra layers are often used for complicated circuitry and they can distribute power more effectively.

PCB Layout

Anyone can draw a PCB layout manually or with the use of Electronic-Computer Aided Design (ECAD) software. Manual drawing is often used in easy-to-create PCBs while ECAD is used for PCBs with more complex designs.

Simple Tips When Drawing

It is always advisable to place the board parts on the top side of the drawing. This would make it easier for us to identify each part.

1. Place all the components in their specific locations, including switches, connectors, mounting holes, LEDs and heat sinks.

2. Minimize the trace lengths.

3. Make sure to place connected parts next to each other. This would help you draw traces easier.

4. Leave enough space for traces in between ICs.

Always double check the drawing to make sure that all traces are in the correct places. Give us a call so we can provide you more information about drawing a layout.

Fabrication Drawing

The PCB fabrication drawing must provide the exact dimensions of holes on the board. Each hole must be identified in size with different symbols. We would use these details to ensure that the board is created according to your preferences.

Drawing Tools

1. Pen – A pen is not really advisable but you can use it for simple PCB drawings. Make sure to use a permanent marker with a black ink.

2. Pen Plotter – You would need a pen with special ink and grooved tips to provide an acceptable drawing. Always clean the special pen as it gets easily clogged.

3. Ink-jet Printer – An ink-jet printer is cheap but don’t expect the same high quality that you could get from a laser printer. It is worth trying to print on paper but the main problem is that it doesn’t produce a quality black color.

4. Laser Printer – It produces the best quality of drawing. With the correct setting, you would be able to get a consistent line width and spacing.

We highly rely on your layout. Remember that we can only provide the best PCB fabrication results if you could give us the essential details to create your board.

Bringing success to every online business

The search engine optimization is now becoming known among online sites especially businesses. This enables a website to be the first result whenever a user input words related to it. Different programmers are offering online businesses the privilege to be the first link to appear in different search engines. One of these is, a company that specializes on SEO.

The SEO has a great impact on the number of sales and visitors each site has every day.

This is the reason why having a site optimized is a must for big and rising businesses online. They are the main consumers of this innovation.

seoHowever, because of the benefits one can get from SEO, many have tried to cheat and abuse loopholes. They tried to put hidden words using text colors (i.e. having the text’s color the same as the backgrounds), or plainly spammed words in the content). Because of this, Google made revisions and policies on how they would rank webpages.

So now, there are white hats and black hats techniques. The white hats are the right way and are long lasting and on the other hand, black hats are temporary and may be caught by Google and be given sanctions. As time passes by, Google has been strict about this. They developed software that can detect websites that are using black hats. One sanction that can be given is that you will be out of the Google’s list.

The only the legal ways of SEO. The members and CEO of our website are conducting researches to further understand how to manipulate the SEO. Even much is known to them, the algorithms of these search engines change very often. This is due to those who glitch their engines.

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Movable Cubicles Are A Great Investment For Home Owners

Homeowners nowadays are finding interesting ways to innovate their home space. Movable cubicles are wonderful tools that people are using to put their belongings in order. They are also taking advantage of these containers to create portable rooms. This is a cost-efficient way of making an addition to one’s living or working area.These containers are also being used by professionals as a facility.

There are a lot of new entrepreneurs who are now using their home space to start up a business.

For those who are working at home, they can arrange their containers to create a portable office space by customizing and furnishing the interior according to their needs.

This creates an environment especially designated for work purposes. This way, individuals will be able to focus more on the work at hand, and not be distracted by the cozy atmosphere they have at home. Those who are working on projects, or are collaborating with other people can receive clients in a professional way.

movable cubiclePeople who are sharing a studio-styled apartment and want to divide their space can use movable cubicles to create another room in their place. This can be turned into a mini-library, a bedroom, or playroom. They could be customized accordingly and modified to the preference of the users. These containers can also be set up outdoors in the backyard.

Another purposeful usage for movable cubicles would be for storage. As time passes, people accumulate their fair share of belongings. A lot of these items might have carried a lot of meaning and purpose before. However, as people’s lives change, their living situations also change. A favorite red chair that was purchased a decade ago might just be the most unattractive piece of furniture in the house now.

People tend to get sentimentally attached to their things when they have a history, and have trouble parting with them. A great solution to this would be to get a container where they can store these kinds of items. This would be a convenient way to get rid of the clutter in their house and create a more pleasant and sanitary living space.

Others who are in the process of renovating their homes also find renting these portable containers useful as a place for temporary storage. With a self-storage facility, people would have to rent space to deposit their belongings. However, with these containers, people can simply store their things in a safe place while maintaining them inside their residence. This offers people convenience and peace of mind.

These movable cubicles can be rented or purchased. Those who have a long-term use for them might just want to buy their own container. Others who are in need of a temporary place for storage have an option to rent one for as long as it is needed. Once they no longer have any use for the container, they can just easily contact the company that provided the service to arrange for a pickup; a retrieval fee may apply. It usually takes a few days before a container is retrieved.

In certain areas, a permit is required for usage of a portable container inside the residence or working area. Those who are planning on renting or buying a container should first look into the rules and regulations in their area.

The prices for these movable cubicles tend to vary depending on the size of the container. In case of a rental, other considerations would be how long customers will be keeping them in their possession. Interested individuals can contact the company providing the service through email or a phone call regarding the pricing.

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The Dangers of Beautiful Things

Leo Tolstoy once said, “it is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.” There is danger in beauty that humans often fall to. Not to be mistaken, beauty is indeed a wonderful thing and Taylormade golf equipment certainly is. It inspires and makes people do what would otherwise have been unimaginable. Legends such as the beauty of Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships, are only testaments to the power of beauty.

People sacrifice lives for the sake of beauty. It has a firm grip on the hearts of mankind that drives men to the heights of mountains and to the depths of hell.To drive the point home, golfers are also susceptible to the pangs of beauty. Taylormade golf equipment often strikes an alluring charm on golfers. It is one thing to admire beautiful things and another to want to become the object of beauty itself.In the twilight of human ingenuity, mankind has explored and have started specialized trades. One of which is the art of golf gear and

TaylorMade is one of the pioneering companies that have worked on perfecting the iron.

Years of hard intensive engineering have brought the gear into the realms of artistry and elegance. There is no denying that technology today is greatly capable of producing things of awe and wonder, even to the most learned eyes.

GolfWith research and science in the picture and the constant reinvention of designs, gear has progressed leaps and bounds over the decades. Now, there is a plethora of equipment available for golfers of all shapes and sizes, from the edging into obsolete to the cutting edge of technology.Taylormade golf alone already offers a wide range of ogling options. There is no doubt that among the creations, there are a number of gems and marvels of human achievement, equipment that every golfer admires and longs for.

There is no harm in admiration. However, there are some who, knowingly or not, want to become the objects of beauty, mistakenly believing that acquiring the most elegant and advanced equipment would create a spitting image of perfection. They purchase the latest, most coveted equipment, dress to the hilt and take strolls down the fields flaunting their whole outfit. Somehow, golf becomes more of fashion than sport and golfers end up looking like Taylormade golf mascots.

Not to be confused with collectors, people who have these characteristics are said to be suffering from GAS, which is an acronym for gear acquisition syndrome. Most people who are afflicted tend to amass equipment that they don’t really need, purchasing even the most useless things as long as they are related to golf. Companies also know the existence of this market and prey its weaknesses, releasing products that are not really essential to game play but have a high interest value to consumers, like limited edition gear, for example.

At a certain point, people who become affected with gear acquisition syndrome snap out of it. They usually find it hard to dispose of their gear. Since a lot of those aren’t really necessary for every golf player, there are only a limited number of buyers who are willing to take the equipment, usually those who suffer from the syndrome as well. Even when selling good equipment, one still suffers a loss and will never be able to get back the whole initial investment. Nevertheless, there will always be collectors of Taylormade golf equipment. The question then is just about whether you have the money to spare for an item that you aren’t sure you are going to use. So before you go buy some, stop and think. Do you really need those?

Golfs Rockbottomgolf and Burner golf clubs, balls, apparel, and accessories are only the latest incarnation of Taylormade Golf promise of improvement and perfection in everything they sell.

The Logo Lanyard: A Simple Marketing Tool

While marketing is vital to any company, it can be expensive nowadays. Not all businesses have the budget to promote or advertise their products in television, radio or print commercials. Since the business environment can be competitive and cutthroat, it is important to get the company name, brand or product out to a target market. A simple and cost-effective way to do this is to make use of logo lanyards to promote and “shout out” a brand or product.

logo lanyardWhy use logo lanyards? Well, unlike other promotional materials such as t-shirts, hats, mugs and pens, lanyards appeal to all sorts of people regardless of age, race, class and gender. Not all people will wear a promotional shirt or hat. Promotional pens are not as visible and can easily get lost. Lanyards, on the other hand, are easy to carry and people can wear them right away during an event. There is also a fair chance that they will be used after the event for IDs, keys or other items. Lanyards, in this sense, are safe!

Lanyards are great materials to place a company logo or brand design on. With the right color combination, printing and material, lanyards are eye-catching and logos can easily standout on them. They can get the attention of guests, clients and customers and get a short brand or product message across to a target audience. In short, lanyards are good for logo or brand visibility and awareness.

Logo lanyards are perfect for various corporate events that need IDs or badges. These can be annual conferences, conventions, marketing roadshows, trade fairs, seminars, learning sessions and fundraising activities. Lanyards can also be great giveaways for marketing and fundraising events. These items are also easy to customize to match any theme or occasion. These are also cheap when purchased in bulk. They will not eat up a big portion of the allotted budget for an event. Lanyards are versatile and affordable.

There are also advantages to using logo lanyards. First, lanyards are cost-effective. It was mentioned earlier that lanyards are cheap in bulk. Lanyard suppliers give a great price for wholesale or bulk orders. The minimum order for some suppliers is 100 pieces. It is advisable to compare prices and to choose a supplier that offers freebies such as shipping and attachments to save more money.

Second, lanyards are attractive and eye-catching. They are the perfect tools to place a company logo or short message on. It is possible to customize them to fit a company image or brand with the different styles, materials and colors available today. Die sublimated lanyards, for example, are great for complex and multi-colored designs. They are durable lanyards that reflect logos and texts on both sides of the material. Since they are high quality, they are also more expensive than other styles.

Woven lanyards, on the other hand, are a classy and professional looking. They are often used for upscale corporate events. Nylon lanyards are long-lasting and can endure wear and tear, so they are used for sporting events like marathons. While style and price are important considerations in choosing lanyards, it is also important to prioritize quality since these will reflect a company or brand.

Finally, the last advantage to using lanyards is that they are functional. You can use them for several purposes. Lanyards are not only useful in carrying IDs or badges. You can also use them to carry USBs, cameras, keys, whistles and flashlights. People who receive lanyards from corporate events or fundraisers are most likely to keep lanyards and use them again. This is advantageous to businesses and marketers since there is a big chance that other people will see a company logo or brand again.

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Is it Advisable for Youngsters to Invest in Real Estate this 2016?

Owning a house is everyone’s dream. This includes youngsters wanting to establish themselves in their chosen field and have a physical reminder of how far they have succeeded. The sad thing is, fulfilling that goal is not that easy with so many things preventing them, like the burden of college debt or a lower-wage position. There is also the fact that owning a home comes with not just responsibilities, but also a long-term commitment that makes getting new loans an unrealistic option.

In addition, the real estate market has remained unstable for the past few years, leaving the option of buying a home unlikely. Hence, it left many youngsters with the more practical option – to rent. But a new year has started and there’s a big question if renting remained as the best option for youngsters this 2016. Or, if some change will happen this 2016 and make it a feasible year for youngsters to make an investment in a residential property.Visit to know the best quality property investment options.

Renting vs Buying a Home in 2016

Every year, new trend predictions are made in the real estate market to serve as a guide for both buyers and sellers in making big decisions. Experts forecasted that home prices will calm down, giving interested long-time buyers the advantage to see through to their goal – buy a house. The slowing down of home prices also leads to more owners listing their homes. This is good news for buyers since it provides them more choices to choose from.

However, there are two sides to this trend. The home prices may have started to slow down. Yet, not all interested buyers are in a position to exploit this opportunity, especially those of low income.

Real EstateThe renting option does not share the same positive news as the buying option with experts stating that it would continue rising this year. This concludes that buying would be a better option than renting in most cities in the US. Then again, owning a home remains an unlikely option for those with limited savings, and lack a stable income and other requirements to qualify for a mortgage.

The Answer: Some Good News 2016 Brought to Youngsters

Experts state and even encourage people to buy as early in life as possible as a preparation in case something goes wrong in the future. However, the lack of financial stability often prevents youngsters from doing so. The good thing is, there’s some good news awaiting youngsters this 2016, which the following real estate trends support.

• Rising Interest Rates

Real EstatesMost people see this as a bad thing, but it also has a positive side. Such increase in rates has an effect on the willingness of banks to lend money. For a buyer, this makes 2016 the right time to seek for financing for their dream home.

• Affordable New Homes

Two things contribute to this trend. Experts forecasted that such high price appreciation will result in the new market growing further in the next year. With the high number of buyers expected to enter the market comes the prediction of increasing new home construction as well. Experts also believe that builders would focus more on creating starter and middle range homes to meet the demand of young buyers.

Now, for the Deciding Question

The market dynamics is a vital factor you need to consider well before finalizing any home-buying decision. This factor covers a lot of things, including the mortgage and interest rates and more. But since the information above established that the housing market is set to stabilize this year, then it is time to deal with the more pressing question.

Are you ready to make your first real estate investment – purchase your dream home? Is 2016 the right time for you?

The Value and Worth of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have begun to get a lot of attention from more and more people. There was a time when only a few people knew about them, less than that even cared.

Nowadays, things have changed. Custom coins are no longer restricted to those in the know or people who have an interest in them as trinkets. People give these coins a certain amount of value.

It’s difficult to exactly determine the worth of a particular coin. That’s because these coins hold a different kind of value. At the end of the day, these coins are nothing more than fancy looking decorative tokens. The custom coin’s value in the market is basically determined by the people who want them.

Below is a short discussion on the different ways people value custom coins.
Sentimental value of the coin

For most people, challenge coins possess a certain amount of sentimental value. A lot of people love their war and military history. These military coins serve as a historical token of whatever unit or branch of the military they were issued for.

In fact, there’s a tradition in the military where people who, despite not being members of the unit, are still given out coins. People are given out coins for the service or relationship that they have with that unit that gave them the coin.

Challenge Coins

Some coins have more sentimental worth to certain people because of who gave them and for what reason. For example, George W. Bush was famous for giving out military coins to people who served in Iraq each time he paid a visit. His presidential coins are valued by those who view the campaign in Iraq with a certain value.

The collector’s value of a coin

Most people don’t really see the worth of challenge coins However, more and more people have begun to collect them as a hobby. Some collect because some coins have great sentimental value. Others collect coins because they just think it’s a quaint hobby. Then there are those who collect coins knowing that it’s a form of investment.

See, there’s a big market out there for collecting military coins. In fact, e-commerce websites like eBay or Amazon have a lot of online merchants that sell military coins. Some of these coins can go for as much as several hundred dollars. To the right person, who knows? Maybe a coin can be worth thousands of dollars.

At the end of the day though, the value of any military coin is as much as the price that someone out there is willing to pay for it.

Organizational worth of the coin

Organizations, outside of the military, have begun to issue their own challenge coins. These organizations understand how these custom coins can help develop solidarity within the organization.

In a way, the coin helps to show that a person is special for being a member of that organization. It helps remind the person of their worth and how much the organization values them. Motorcycle clubs, firms, businesses, state departments, and so much more now give out coins to their members.

Even secretive organizations like the CIA and NSA are known for giving out custom coins to some of their employees, though the coins themselves aren’t used to challenge other employees like other coins are since it might blow their cover.

As a commemorative token

Sometimes, these coins are just given out to commemorate certain events. These types of coins are less common. They’re only special or worth anything to those who actually attended an event. Commemorative challenge coins are seen less often since they’re only produced in small numbers.

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The Research Chemical Industry

There are legal drugs and illegal drugs, and then there are research chemicals. These are substances intended for use in medical research. They are often distributed online by independent companies. In the field of scientific development, it is inevitable to have human and animal subjects in clinical trials because they are viable recipients for these chemicals. However, the distributor or company holds no responsibility over the subsequent effects of the research chemicals, even though it is inevitable that they will be used on human or animal subjects. They are also not responsible for the misuse of these chemicals.

Research chemicalsResearch chemicals are not explicitly sold for human and animal consumption therefore no company will be held responsible for any damage. Unlike illegal drugs, all of them can be bought by anyone over 18 years old with an active credit card. These chemicals can be shipped in as fast as 48 hours, depending on the location.

Potential Risk and Dangers

People can also order samples of any kind of research chemical. These are for free and the buyer only has to shoulder the shipping and handling fees. Because of the free and wide circulation of these samples, many people risk taking any kind of research chemical orally or intravenously. This action has resulted to deaths or multiple organ damages. The fact that they are called research chemical means that their full effects on the human body are not yet completely known.

The production and distribution of these chemicals are not centralized and controlled by the government therefore they are easily available online. Examples of popular chemicals that have caused controversy are methoxetamine, mephedrone and butylone. It is inevitable that not all of these chemicals will be used for research purposes. Caution must always be implemented. Whatever the case is, always look for a trusted and licensed distributor to ensure high quality chemicals.

 Shipping and Customs

chemicalsWhen it comes to shipping, customs will always have to sort every incoming parcel. The rules of custom depend from country to country. Each country and even state has their own rules. It is the responsibility of the customs to search and open every parcel that comes into the country. Research chemicals are purely legal, especially in the country of origin. However, when shipped abroad, the country of destination may have different laws. It may be possible that any seemingly harmless research chemical is banned in certain countries.

When the customs realize that a banned substance has been ordered by someone in their country or state of jurisdiction, they will notify the recipients. This can get the addressee into great legal trouble. They can lose their jobs, licenses or businesses. If the worse happens, he should equip himself with a good lawyer and even reformat his laptops or computers used to issue the order. Being caught with an illegal substance, even though it is a perfectly legal research chemical, is a great issue.

Ironically, it is not all the time that the customs check incoming packages. If you order research chemicals and your package is labeled as research chemical and there are specifications that the chemical is not and will not be intended for human use, then the chemical has a chance to be shipped immediately to the buyer without scrutiny. Because the customs tend to handle a lot of packages every day, they sometimes establish certain protocols as to what kind of parcel they will check. These are:

  1. Incoming packages weighing more than 1 kilogram.
  2. Suspicious packages that lack a return address.

Incoming packages with suspicious wrappers and packaging. Examples are packages contained in taped card boards, packages wrapped in many layers of paper and other so-called “homemade” packaging.